Attorney Webinar Up and Coming April 2


During this time of the Covid19 emergency, all in person events with our office have been placed on hold. In the meantime remote meetings will be held in their place. Below is information on the first of what will be weekly opportunities for people to learn about this office and the services available. As well as an opportunity to learn.

Topic: Attorney Webinar : Brent Service and Investigations
Time: Apr 2, 2020 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Investigators in Family Law and Divorce


When people imagine the role of a private investigator for divorce, they probably think of surveillance on a cheating spouse. And while there are still plenty of investigators advertising that, its use is limited in an age of No Fault Divorce.

Where a PI and this office in particular can really shine is with the forensic research. With out methods and tools, we are able to find the hidden money, accounts, and property that a spouse may otherwise omit or hide during a Divorce proceeding. A PI can find bank and checking accounts where a spouse has been hiding money, retirement accounts, even vehicles and real estate. Clients have had tens of thousands located in this way. And uncovering such dishonesty can also be valuable in custody of children.


Private Investigator for Attorneys


Investigators and attorneys, or self representing people, have access to many of the same tools. However, a retained PI can do some things an attorney cannot. Plus, a PI can likely do the work faster and more thoroughly.

Hiring a PI to conduct your witness research, background research on parties, or to corroborate interrogatories and discovery has a number of advantages:

1. A PI is a court expert, and is billable to the client.

2. A PI can testify on their methods and findings. An attorney never wants to risk becoming a witness in their own proceeding.

3. A PI only does investigations, freeing the self representing person or attorney for other matters.

4. A PI is insured for investigations, a service that typically is not covered under attorney malpractice insurance. Why open up yourself or your office to a claim by a disgruntled litigant or witness.

5. Investigating is all that we do, we have a finely sharpened skill set for finding what others overlook.


Private Investigators for Judgments


Divorce decrees, child support, civil judgments, small claims, and settlements are a small sample of the kinds of judgments this office can help enforce. Our office can uncover assets and finances that were hidden during the course of a litigation or proceeding.

This information can then be used for collection enforcement, evidence in a hearing, or leverage for a more favorable settlement.


Why a private investigator? Probate and Estate Issues.


When most people think private investigator or private detective they think camera in bushes or a grizzled character in a trench coat. While I do proudly wear a trench coat and fedora, this is not the core of what this office does.

Most people who pass do so without estate planning, and those with wills, trusts, and other documents rarely pass on with up to date documents. This leaves the task of asset location entirely up to family and legal counsel to uncover what comprises an estate. This means that most often estate property goes unclaimed.

Currently, there is a billion dollars worth of unclaimed valuable property in the form of money, bonds, stock certificates, etc. held by the State of Michigan. Much of that is property owned by a deceased person but never found.

Life insurance payouts, retirement account balances, court settlements, stocks and bonds, liquidated assets, and stored assets from safety deposit boxes or long term vehicle storage, out of state and foreign real estate all comprise unclaimed property . These are also all types of assets that a licensed investigator can locate for a representative before it ends up at the state. None of the insurance carriers, retirement managers, courts, or private companies are going to send you notice of what a decedent owned. And left unclaimed, that all goes into the state treasury.


What we do


Our office is staffed by individuals with over a decade of investigation experience and court service experience. We provide background checks, criminal, credit, and financial for employers, landlords, significant others, and parents. We perform in field surveillance and investigation with detailed reports. Investigators are experts in their field and prepared to testify, provide affidavits, or appear at depositions. Find assets for collection, probate, divorce, or other litigation.